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Talent - Technology - Trust

Our goal is to maximize risk adjusted returns for clients

A Solid Foundation

Algo Depth is headquartered in Cambridge Innovation Center, a space that culminates innovation. The person sitting next to you is likely to have an answer for implementing long short-term memory networks or scaling out Mongo Database for tick level data.

Hard work meets fun.

We enjoy each others company in and out of the office. 

Our technology helps people.

We generate alpha for clients who have jobs and a family. 


Investment management is a competitive industry. We seek individuals from top companies and academic backgrounds for quantitative trading, engineering, and business positions. Being located near MIT and Harvard helps attract smart people. 
Advanced computing and algorithms are central to our investment strategies. The process depends on a database that feeds our trading system with billions of data points, and calculates complex formulas.  
Each individual on the team is important for long-term success. We follow an open sourced setting, where anyone can share their thoughts at a given time. The best ideas come from close collaboration. 
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