Improve Performance with Actionable Quantitative Research

Machine learning, big data, distributed systems - we care about research and science. 


Ideas are backed by evidence and improved through iterations. Consulting projects include: developing high conviction alpha strategies, implementing state of the art predictive algorithms on existing alphas, and tracking liquidity or portfolio risk. 

More Accurate Predictions

  • Orthogonal alpha strategies

  • Optimal portfolio framework

  • Infrastructure for deployment

Global Stock Universe - Long Only and Long Short Strategies - Enhanced Portfolio Construction

State Of The Art Quantitative Research

Improve your stock selection with our alpha signals, customize them for your investment style, or have us build a strategy start to finish.
We know quantitative finance, and are happy to help you. 
Develop orthogonal alpha factors (may include alternative data sets) and enhance portfolio construction with state of the art predictive algorithms. 

The Machine Learning Difference

State of the art techniques in machine learning and natural language processing may improve investment pipelines. There is more to machine learning than calling a Tensorflow package - R&D of data processes, network architectures, and model parameters are necessary to optimize a strategy's performance. 

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