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Turn Data Into Information

Backtestable Signals

We build a signal and strategy to show investors actual performance.

Machine Learning Insights

State of the art algorithms are tested and improved through iteration.

Real Time Track Record

Output signals to investment managers and build a paper track record. 

Empirical Evidence For Your Data

Algo Depth strategies are researched deeply by quantitative scientists. Features are tested for significance, then modeled beginning with baseline techniques and moving to increased complexity. 

Empirical evidence with your authorship are published. A signal is created on your data that can be distributed to asset managers, and directly backtested for strategy performance. 

Investment managers can directly subscribe and deploy your data real time.

Academic Proof

Literature review and conclusions from notable journals and academic institutions.

Empirical Evidence

Models and performance analysis on real data proving the predictability of each data source. 

Actionable Signal

Decision making strategy and infrastructure to distribute signals in real time. 

Build A Real Time Track Record

Actionable signals to connect, train, and predict real time. Algo Depth's trading system allows you to build a track record with a $25m paper money account.

Now you can market performance of your data!

What Insights Are Hedge Funds Buying?

Data Monetization Through Financial Machine Learning

Your Quantitative Research Team

Deep learning, reinforcement learning, distributed computing. We implement these methods, so you can share with clients. 
Save time, money, and headaches or trying to build an in house quantitative research team. 
Let's start by reviewing your tear sheets and data mappings.

Need to educate investors on your data type?

Monthly research seminars are held by our quantitative research community on literature from academia. 

Specific topics reviewed to understand the background, features, logic, modeling, author's thoughts and more of a specific data type or model.

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