Become Wall Street's alchemist. 

Turn data and ideas into quantitative insights.

State of the art algorithms, scientific research, massive amounts of information.

Alternative Data Market Making

Ideas Backed By Information

Because Performance Matters

Quantitative research, statistical insights, and signals to beat the market.  

Machine learning, stochastic processes and advanced technologies.

Managers improve trading. Data providers generate empirical evidence.

Research Skills

Asset Managers & Data Providers

Actionable Insights

Research - Test - Deploy

Empirical Evidence For Quantitative Strategies

Algo Depth tests, models, and improves investment research through discovery and iteration.  We view financial markets scientifically. 

Empirical evidence formulates actionable insights. Unbiased research may indicate the sentiment of a company, it's trend, or future return. Our clients buy existing research or request custom strategies. 

Existing products can be tested on historical data and deployed real time. 

Equity Strategies

Market neutral, long only, and long bias return predictions. 

Global Universe

All Country World Index, Developed and Emerging Markets, 

Large Datasets

Financial market and alternative data sources. 

Our Clients

Data Providers

Unbiased Empirical Evidence For Your Data

Actionable Research and Strategy Development

Infrastructure To Distribute Your Signal Real Time

Investment Managers

Test signal performance on historical data

Empirical Evidence for Financial and Alternative Datasets 

Unbiased research and development for your trading ideas

Our Research Community

We maintain an academic approach to quantitative finance: research supported by state of the art techniques. 'Machine learning' and 'big data' are just buzz words to us, we believe in math, science, and performance. 

PhD and Master graduates from top universities work with us through our fellowship program. They learn how to apply expertise from various industries to financial markets.

Whether you are a discretionary manager, quantitative fund, or data provider, we can improve your capabilities and performance. 

Pushing The Frontiers of Investment Management

Quantitative  Research

Alternative Data

Machine Learning

Research seminars cultivate engagement between researchers, portfolio managers, academia, and investors.

All levels of quantitative expertise are welcomed. 

Interested in Existing Research and Signals?

Algo Depth




Quantitative Research

Investment Managers

Data Providers




We collaborate with ambitious companies and individuals; let's build something great together.

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